About me and the Art

Peter Kraaibeek was born and raised in Nordhorn in northwest Germany near the Dutch border. He started his career as an engineer and project manager in computer science, IT security and cryptography and works as a graphic artist and photographer.

Influenced by his strongly mathematically oriented study of electrical engineering (EE), he began to be interested in complex numbers and their applications in art (complex numbers consist of a real and an imaginary number and are required, for example, for the development of electronic circuits and many other things).

In the 1980s, Peter wrote the first computer programs that displayed Mandelbrot Sets based on complex numbers, and presented the output as his first works. Nowadays, existing programs can be used for this.

Peter‘s interest is the development of the representation of artificial structures based on mathematical algorithms that can be shown in biomorphic variations of nature in an Absolute Surrealism.

He is particularly interested in crypto-art and the representation of NTFs (Non Fungible Token) on a blockchain.

Peter loves nature, architecture, digital art, the design of classic cars and values the diversity of visual art.

All digital work and photography by

Peter Kraaibeek




The digital work ist partly available on the Ethereum blockchain at OpenSea in the “weirdworld” collection.